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Why Ohio residents love tile floors

At Bob's Wholesale Carpet we combine modern needs and inspiration with personalized and tailored customer service.

We have been in business, as a family-owned and operated company, for over 40 years and offer all the major brands at the lowest prices in Central Ohio. Installations are always completed by in-house subcontractors.

Bob Birchfield, the founder, is now retired. However, the business continues to strive under the leadership of Bob's daughter Sandra, current president, and CEO. Jamie, Sandra's daughter, formally joined the family business in 2010 and is the operations manager. Some other staff members, although not related by blood, are still family none-the-less. Ray, a former customer, has been part of our team as our estimator for quite some time. And Daven, Jamie's husband, is our installation and training specialist.

All of our professionals are seasoned experts who can guide you to the best flooring type for you.

Visit us in our showroom in Lancaster, Ohio to learn more about carpet or any other flooring. Our store serves all of Central Ohio including Fairfield County, Hocking County, Franklin County, Perry County, and Licking County. Don't forget to ask about getting a free estimate!

Porcelain or ceramic?

People tend to use these two words interchangeably, but that’s not quite right. Although porcelain is a type of ceramic, it is made from a finer clay and includes sand and sometimes even glass.

It is fired at higher temperatures, and all of this makes it ultra-strong and suitable for high traffic areas. It is resistant to both water and frost, whether or not it’s glazed and can also be used outside on deck and patio floors and around pools.
Ceramic tile flooring in Logan, OH from Bob's Wholesale Carpet
Porcelain is a large format tile that can be made to look likeanything, from stone to leather to wood. Some people like it especially because of the larger format/fewer seams, especially in the case of stone; it makes it looks like something that came directly out of the quarry.

Limitless number of colors, patterns, and designs

Ceramic tiles can also be made to look like anything.

They are either glazed or unglazed but must be glazed to be waterproof. They can also be used on floors, as well as backsplashes and accent walls. Be sure you use a tile grade-appropriate for flooring; ask your retailer for confirmation.