Which carpet style for you?

At Bob's Wholesale Carpet we combine modern needs and inspiration with personalized and tailored customer service. We have been in business, as a family-owned and operated company, for over 40 years and offer all the major brands at the lowest prices in Central Ohio. Installations are always completed by in-house subcontractors. Bob Birchfield, the founder, is now retired. However, the business continues to strive under the leadership of Bob's daughter Sandra, current president, and CEO. Jamie, Sandra's daughter, formally joined the family business in 2010 and is the operations manager. Some other staff members, although not related by blood, are still family none-the-less. Ray, a former customer, has been part of our team as our estimator for quite some time. And Daven, Jamie's husband, is our installation and training specialist.

All of our professionals are seasoned experts who can guide you to the best flooring type for you.

Visit us in our showroom in Lancaster, Ohio to learn more about carpet or any other flooring. Our store serves all of Central Ohio including Fairfield County, Hocking County, Franklin County, Perry County, and Licking County. Don't forget to ask about getting a free estimate!

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The five basic carpet styles

They are:
  • Frieze: With its long twisty fibers, they are cozy, inviting and have a casual feel. They’re best for family rooms and basements, not formal spaces.
  • Berber: It’s a looped style, ranging from the short, tightly woven ones to the thicker. They work well in home offices and family rooms.
  • Saxony: This is what comes to most minds when people think of carpet. It’s a cut pile that’s neither short nor long and it’s appearance, ranges from the velvety appearance to the textured. It fits into any decor, from formal to more casual.
  • Cut and loop: These have a large variety of designs and textures and the loops can either be cut or not. It can work with any type of decor.
  • Shag: There's a good reason this is often called the “sheepdog rug.” It’s fluffy, with very long fibers. Once known for the iconic gold, brown and green colors, technology has expanded the color palette to include everything from purple to multi-colors.

Have a thorough discussion with your retailer

The success of any flooring, whether it’s carpet or something else, depends upon your lifestyle, goals, and challenges. The more your retailerknows the better you can be guided to the right one for you.