Is it challenging to choose a hardwood flooring color?

Is it challenging to choose a hardwood flooring color?

It might seem overwhelming, what with the large variety, to choose the color of wood flooring, but if you stick to a few simple rules, it will be fine.

Light floors like blond, gray, and whitewashed are trending. Dark shades will always be in vogue, but they're getting even darker. Remember that you can stain them to suit your taste.

Consider room size

Most of us already know the drill: Light colors make a room look airy and open, while dark floors make a room look smaller.

It's not a hard and fast rule, though. For example, a small room with dark floors can be balanced with light, paint, or accessories.

And speaking of lighting

Whether engineered or solid hardwood flooring, always look at samples in your surroundings. Colors can vary slightly when next to your hues.

Look at them at different times of the day and in both natural and artificial light. This way, you can tell if you enjoy your wood floor color just as much at dusk as in the morning sunshine.

It's not good enough to look at them in a lightbox. Neither is taking them outside to get a better look. These aren't your homes.

Make sure it harmonizes with your other colors

You don’t want an exact color match with your wood flooring and other surfaces. After all, that would be kind of boring.

You want a cohesive look so nothing clashes. Pay special attention to transitions. For example, a hardwood floor can look great next to carpet as long as it coordinates.

Think of your lifestyle

The staff at our hardwood flooring company will ask you many questions. For example, is your family large or small? Do you have kids and pets?

Lighter floors hide scratches, scuffs, and light dirt better than dark. On the other hand, dark floors hide stains better.

Think about pet shedding. Light fur will show up on dark floors and vice versa.

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