Guide to Different Styles of Carpet

Guide to Different Styles of Carpet

The process of carpet shopping comes with more questions than homeowners may realize! What color and pattern is your preference? What style are you interested in? At Bob’s Wholesale Carpet, we offer a wide variety of carpet to our customers. Having so many options when choosing carpet is great when you’re hunting down the flooring that’s best suited for your style, but can be challenging when making a decision. We have created a guide to help understand the different styles of carpet to make your shopping simple.


Nylon features a soft, comfortable option and is great to enjoy after a long day of standing. The durability and resistance to stains make nylon the most popular material when choosing carpet. The fibers are extremely flexible and can be revived by steam cleaning, bringing your carpet back to its original look. Due to the easy maintenance and long-lasting fibers, nylon is a great option for any homeowner.


For those seeking a statement room while ensuring long-lasting use, polyester is a style you should consider. Polyester is best known for holding vibrant colors with little-to-no fading. This trusted eco-friendly option is perfect for those looking to express personality through their floors. Most polyester carpet is made from recycled plastic, offering a great option for your secondary room as high-traffic will cause flattening over time.


Triexta, also known as sorona, is the newest fiber in the carpet market as it is very similar to polyester. Triexta makes an impression by being extremely durable and resilient to everyday wear-and-tear. The fibers are naturally stain-resistant, meaning simple water can easily clean a stain rather than using harsh chemicals. Another advantage triexta feature is the softness, due to no chemicals being applied for stain protection.