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There’s nothing like the soft feel of new carpet under your feet! We carry a wide range of carpet options to suit your home.  The three most popular types of fibers are Nylon, Triexta, and Olefin (polyester). Nylon is extremely durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Plus it retains its appearance for a long time! Triexta, better known as Smart Strand, is the most resilient, durable fiber on the market today. It is guaranteed to be stainproof. Olefin (polyester) is the most affordable, made from recycled plastics and is environmentally friendly. It repels liquids naturally and is extremely stain resistant. Come browse the many textures and colors available in our showroom.

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We carry some of the most trusted brands in home carpet products available anywhere else, and fully understand the importance of finding the greatest value possible for your family’s budget.